With years of experience in the construction industry, Foothill Construction not only specializes in the physical construction process. Foothill has consulted for several of our clients in the following areas:

  1. Insurance Claims: Foothill offers an independent review of insurance claim related property damage. Through reviewing the damage, we prepare an report of the cause and value. This allows our clients to compare with the insurance estimate to ensure accuracy of their valuation. As many claims involve extensive amounts of damage at a substantial cost, this has allowed our clients to protect their interests. In nearly all cases, our clients have found our report to contain additional damage not noted by the insurance company.


  1. Expert Witness Testimony: Foothill Construction has testified as an expert witness before the Contractors State License Board (link).

As part of this work as a recognized expert witness, Foothill has observed and reported findings on several construction related matters.

  1. Special Problems: Through expertise in construction, Foothill has been able to investigate and solve many problems for our clients. Through using some of the most state of the art tools and methods such as micro cameras that can look inside of walls to avoided opening them, Foothill has been able to get to the root cause of many problems.

It is through a careful and methodical approach based on many years of experience that has allowed Foothill to solve many unique construction related problems.