About the Construction Process:

The Process

  1. Project Conception: This stage normally begins with an idea such as: “I’ve always wanted to have a larger kitchen.” Or “Since I’ve lived here, there is room in the backyard to add another bedroom.” In this stage, often the basic need to be served by the project is defined.

  2. Conceptual Design: In the conceptual design stage, the basic project is explored further. What begin as just ideas are “put on paper” and explored further. Foothill Construction accomplished with our designers who are very experienced at understanding our clients thoughts and turning them into a design concept.

  3. Budgeting: Once a conceptual design is developed, Foothill can provide the client with a preliminary budget summary. Most companies won’t do this. However, we realize that cost is always a factor and provide this so our clients can more forward in an informed manner.

  4. Construction Drawings: Once a design and the client is comfortable with a budget, Foothill Construction produces construction drawings. These utilize the “conceptual design” from step 2, but take the process a step further. Construction drawings are more specific and detailed. They contain more details about how the project is built. As part of producing the construction drawings, Foothill Construction also obtains structural engineering and energy calculations as required. Foothill Construction’s experienced designers and engineers ensure an accurate set of drawings.

  5. Permits and Plan check: When the construction drawings are complete, Foothill Construction handles submitting the plans to local building department for plan check and permits (see link). It is our practice to consult with the building department during the design phase of the project so that there are no surprises with the plans are submitted. We also have good relations with these departments built on having work together. Foothill Construction has also been successful with many “difficult to permit” projects (see link).

  6. Construction: Once permits are obtained, construction can begin. This is largely the most satisfying stage where our clients can see the project “begin to take shape.” Foothill Construction is committed and strives to make this process as convenient and accessible to our clients.