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With years of expertise, Foothill has successfully completed several projects not thought possible due to: city design requirements, available space on the lot to build and unusual lot characteristics such as slope. This has allowed many Foothill Construction clients to add square footage and improve their homes in cases not previously thought possible.

Bathrooms / Kitchens
Outdoor Living
Green Building
Project Design

Bathrooms / Kitchens:

Kitchen and bathroom represent some of the most frequently used areas in any home. Based on budget and what the client has in mind, Foothill Construction is able to develop a customer tailored remodeling plan. Based on this plan, we can determine the right approach for any project.
Foothill Construction also able to provide bathroom and kitchen design. From just a concept, we can develop a complete plan for our clients that include cabinets, fixtures and finishing items.
Foothill Construction is able to handle the permitting process as well. Being able to handle this as well as the design and physical work, we are able to provide a superior project on a much more efficient
basis. From concept to completion, Foothill Construction is your choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. From completely custom and extensive projects to small scale “face lifts,” we can transform these rooms. GO TO TOP

Outdoor Living:

In Los Angeles and southern California in general, many like to take advantage of the great weather. There is no better way to do so than making the outside of the home as inviting as the inside. Foothill Construction has a vast array of experience creating very inviting outdoor spaces.
There is no better way to transform a yard than with beautiful concrete and masonry work. Whether it is a driveway, walkway or even a custom pool and deck, Foothill Construction has extensive experience with all types of this work and employs some of the best masons in the business. Foothill Construction also specializes in wood decks.
Using a variety of materials for construction, we have built decks with both add function as well as compliment any yard. Many of our clients say that their decks end up being a favorite place in their home. To finish off any outdoor area, Foothill Construction offers full landscape and irrigation installation. Since we are equipped to handle both hard cape and landscape work, we are able to take on entire outdoor projects in their entirety. This not only allows for more efficiency, it also results in a better product. Besides being able to complete the construction work, Foothill Construction also is able to handle landscape, hard scope, and irrigation system design on an “in house basis.” GO TO TOP

Green Building:

Foothill Construction has long been committed to green building practices. Besides a commitment to adhering to the use of sustainable materials and practices, the company has been involved in several unique “green” projects.” Foothill Construction has been heavily involved in the design and construction of unique structures that are used to support solar panels.
Dubbed the “Sun Struc System,” Generation One of these structures are made of wood and are flexible enough to handle a wide variety of solar panels. Pictured here with a Sanyo “Bi Facial” solar panel, these structures add architectural interest to any yard in addition to providing power to the
home. “Sun Struc System,” Generation Two is currently under development and will look similar to the first generation in that it is much of the unique architectural appearance. However, the appearance is the only similarity.

This revision will be constructed of light weight aluminum and be fabricated in modular sections off site. While in the manufacturing facility, they are precision cut, welded and factory finished with a 50 year coating. They are also capable of handling both solar electric AND solar water heating modules. Foothill Construction has also been involved in the installation of unique low environmental impact roofs.

These “Green Roofs” can be installed on a home or even a garage or carport. In dense areas with little or no open space, these roofs can add a great deal of interest to any home. Foothill Construction was featured in the LA Times home Section. GO TO TOP

Project Design:

Foothill Construction is committed to our clients during all parts of the construction process. As part of this commitment, we offer full project design.
Every project begins with an idea. This idea could be to simply remodel a bathroom, add a home office, or even to build a home from scratch. Foothill Construction is able to take this idea, and through working with our clients, develop a full design for the project. We then can build the project for our clients. Foothill Construction employees a designer on an “in house” basis and works closely with several engineers and other specialists.This arrangement is part of our “entire project approach.”
Through working closely with building departments, we have been able develop solutions for many unique design situations.
Foothill Construction also handles the plan check process. Through careful design and good relationships with the cities we work in, we have an excellent track record with the process. GO TO TOP